Linu Technical Contracting Company has been installing quality electrical, mechanical and plumbing services for the past years. Our experienced installation teams have been involved with contracts varying in scope and value from a very small value to unlimited size of the project.

  • Construction of Earth Pit as per the Dewa /Sewa Standards.
  • Manufacturing of CCTV monitoring wooden cabinet.
  • Installation of heavy vehicle indicator alarm system.
  • Construction of Lube pit for Auto workshops –Specialized in all kinds of Vehicle Service Station Installation.
  • Air Conditioning, Ventilation & Air Filtration System Installations.
  • Oil field piping Installation (Fuel, Air & Hydraulic Piping)
  • Installation jobs for CCTV, Data/Telephone/Access control systems
  • nstallations of Air/Water dispensers and pipe lines for fuel stations and Automobile work shops.
  • Installation of MICC cable for Fuel stations and petro chemical areas.
  • Gypsum board, Carpentry & Floor tile jobs.
  • Plumbing works, Drainage works and Maintenance jobs including erection of Mineral Oil water Separators and Grease Traps at Fuel stations and Restaurants.
  • All kinds of Electrical installations

Linu Tech Cont