We have a wide range of product lines and cover industries like Construction, Lab Consumables, Manufacturing, Automobiles etc.

  • Laboratory Consumables

Testing equipment for the Construction Industry, Road testing equipment, wide range of Ovens, Incubators, water baths and associated thermal products, Coating inspection equipment, Digital thermometers and probes for Non-contact type measurements, and other parameters like pH, Conductivity, TDS, Moisture, light, wind, wind speed, humidity measurements etc.

  • Safety Equipments

Fluorescent jackets, Fluorescent baton, Safety uniforms, Safety shoes, Safety glasses, Rotating beacon lights, Safety sign boards

  • Specialty Spray Coating Products

a)      Pure Zinc coating (provides long term protection against rust & corrosion. Excellent repair for cracked, galvanized, rusted & welded surface. Heat resistant up to 300F, paint primer or finished coat).

b)      Rubberized coating.

c)      Metal protector for resistance against rocks, gravel, chemicals etc.

d)      Enamel paints.

  • Spray Cleaning Products

a)      Degreaser –dissolves grease, grime, and penetrating solvent.

b)      Electronic cleaner that leaves no residues. It’s fast drying & has lower flash point.

c)      Electric Motor cleaner.

d)      Brake & parts cleaner.

  • Electrical accessories

We deal in a wide range of Electrical accessories like switches and sockets enhanced by other electrical wiring accessories (Domestic/Commercial and Industrial), circuit breakers, conduits, trunking and fittings, commercial and industrial lighting products etc that are supplied to building and construction, mining and general industrial sectors.

  • Plumbing accessories

We deal in a range of plumbing materials & fittings, bathroom fixtures and fittings, tiles and plumbing materials, through providing excellent customer service and value addition at every stage.

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Vintron General Trading LLC

DIN Equipment

ISAT Testing Equipment


RCPT Cells

ASTM Moulds & Rammer

Compaction Factor Apparats

Cube Mould-150mm

Cube Mould-150mm(1)

Industrial Oven

V1236-Sampling Tyres

Industrial Testing Sieves

Testing Sieves

Vicat Needle Apparatus

Slump Cone Apparatus

Beam Mould

V1239-Vaccum Chamber

SS-MS Industrial Work Stations-1

Tools Trolley

Dust Collector

Cloth Dryer Machine

Auto Twister

Engine Trolley

LED Flood Light

Industrial Fan

Battery BED

Carbon Brush Auto Carbbru

PPS Adaptor Auto-PPS-C

Sanding Disc(Hand Block) -5170

Sanding Disc-50452

Emery Papper 80

Sand Paper P100

Emery Paper P1200

Sanding Disc-150mm

Scotch Brite -Grey

Sanding belt -20mm

Auto Masking Tape 1.5

Auto Masking Tape 2

Auto Masking Tape 3

Masking film roll

Masking paper roll -30

Masking Paper Roll -60cm

Masking Paper Roll Colad

Scotch Tape

Masking Paper Roll Big (90cm)

High Temperature Masking Tape

Fine Line Tape

Vinyil Plastic/Masking Film

Latex Gloves

Solvent Resistant Gloves

Cotton Gloves

Working Dotted Gloves

Knitted Cotton Gloves

Dust Mask Disposable

Safety Goggles

Break Cleaner

Engine Degreaser


Oil Collector

Panel Wipes

Sontara Wipes

Water -Solvent Paint Booth cleaning Unit

Parking Lock

Mesh Racking

Plastics Crates


Vapour Filters

MIDAS Safety Long Sleeves

Fire Blanket

Safety Spectacle

4243B+2571 CabinBox set


Double Hammer Impulse Device 1924S

Engine Flush Machine


Air Quick Coupler



21 pc 3/4" Socket set (MM)

Rotary Valve


Air Hose Reel In Steel Case

1/2 " DIN 3121

Linu Electricals

Brick wall design works

Cash counter 1

Cash counter -2

Epoxy Floor coating works-2

Epoxy Floor coating -3

False ceiling Electrical works

False ceiling Gypsum design and Installation

False ceiling Lighting works

False ceiling Spot light fixing

False ceiling & Lighting works -2

Glass Tinting Works

Industrial Lighting Works

Industrial partition Works

Wooden wall panel works -Office decoration

Office Interior Works

Paint booth -Warehouse Curtains

Parking Canopy Works

Partition & PVC Floor Finishing Works

Showroom Lighting Works

Tempered Glass Partition Works

Warehouse -workshop Electrical & Lighting work

Wall Display boards

Mall Lighting Works

Vienna Turning Engineering & Steel

SS Top Work Station

SS - MS Work Station-4

SS Corner Work desk

Paint Trolley

Paint Trolley-Side View

SS Letters

Gold plated lighted letters

Water Bottle Rack

Stainless Steel Work Station

Sliding door shelf

Canopy for Industrial vehicles

SS Rail Trolley-1

SS Rail Trolley-2


Podium 2

Podium 3

Podium 4

Podium 5

SS Podium (1)

SS Podium


Tire Trolley with 2 box on side

Tyre Trolley -V1251

Oil Collector

Industrial Hooks and Rubber Beeding for Fork Lifts

Gold plated Stand

Engine Trolley

Light Holders

Basket for Industrial Vehicle

Basket for Industrial Vehicle -2

5 Way Clamp


V1169 -Adjustable Light Stand

V1173 -Arm chair frame

V1138 -Podium

V1170 -Battery Trolley

V1147 -Laptop Stand

V1163 -Door Bonnet Stand

V1183 -Battery Stand

V1141 -MS Trolley

V1136 -Tire Stand

V1243 -Table leg

V1159 -Acrylic Triangle

V1135 -Small Parts Trolley

V1242 -Pigeon Stand

Auto Twister

V1245 -Water Fountain

V1184 -Plywood Stand

V1158- Date Entry machine holding Stand

Carburator Trolley

V1177 -Car cleaning stand

V1142 -Heavy Duty Engine Trolley

V1182 -Tire Stand with work stand

V1174 - EM Mechanical Trolley

V1185 -Filter Blowing Chamber

V1149 -Fish Crate Grill Trolley w/door

V1150 -Fish Crates Trolley -Large

V1151 - Fish Crate Trolley Medium

V1155 -Paint Trolley

V1139 -Panel Stand 1

V1122 -Bumper Stand 8

V1121 -Bumper Stand 7

V1118 -Bumper Stand 4

V1119 -Bumper Stand 5

V1120 -Bumper Stand 6

V1172- Bonnet Trolley

V1171 -Bonnet Stand

V1167 -Carburetor Trolley

V1132 -Windshield Stand

V1238 -SS Tanks

Battery Roller Bed

V1231 -Grill for Police cars

V1148 -Mobile Parts storage Cage

Hooks and Beedings

Japanese channel-1

Adjustable Bracket- End System

I Bracket -End System

Rectangle Post -25-38 size

Rectangle post 16x32

Round Post accessory -32-50 size

Rectangle Post accessories

Type 1 Left Joker System

Parts Trolley with wheels

Warehouse Trolley

Flip Gate

Wall Racking Unit

Heavy Duty Storage System

Acrylic display unit

Japanese Channel-2

SS-MS Industrial Work Station

Dust collector

Gear puller - 3 Jaw